Summer Lovin' | Fort Wayne Inidana Children, Family, Engagement, High School Senior Photographer

Summer is such a busy time of year. Can I get an Amen?

Due to that, my poor blog has suffered. I have had such wonderful sessions this past month or so but NO time to blog 'em. Sorry blog, I still love you.

SO, I decided to give my blog some TLC and create a blog post with all my fav images from each session smooshed together in one post.

I hope you all are enjoying your summer, I sure am! I love spending time with my family and taking more weekends off than I usually do....but with my kiddos so tiny and having an itty bitty baby, IT IS WORTH IT.

Enjoy the images everyone, and don't forget to stop working long enough to enjoy the sunshine and those who love you. :)


 I am photographing their wedding this July and I am pretty excited about it! These two people are my bff's, why? Because their last name is DeWitt. :)

Here is Miss Amelia. I photographed her Newborn photos and now she is ONE. Gosh, she is such a sweet little thing.

Neveah....sweet little girl is so spunky and such a little diva. I think it shows in her images :). AND hey, I photographed her newborn photos too, gosh, feeling old here.

Mr. Raiden. Such a handsome fella. Sporting a tie and cloth diapers like a champ...I am not sure what's cuter than that! I love that his mama wanted to do cloth diaper shots, for I am a clothing diapering mama myself...makes my hippie heart happy.

The Meyers of my favorite families. They have visited me since the beginning of my business, when I color popped everything and put white hazes as a vignette....this family has stayed true to me and that makes my heart so very happy. I am so grateful for clients like them. Plus, they are a good looking family to photograph....doncha think? :)

These sweet sisters make me smile. I remember taking the little ones newborn photos....doesn't seem like THAT long ago...but now, watching them both interact during a session made my mama heart swell. Oh how I love sibling sessions.

Rhett!! This little dude is so fun to photograph. I took his photos awhile back and he was the best six month old ever, he smiled the ENTIRE TIME. Here he is at one, still smiling! :)

Caleb....that smile!!! Those blue eyes!!! :) This little boy has visited me every three months since birth. I even photographed him when he was in his mama's belly. Thank you, Blaugh Family, for letting me capture so many memories for you!

Miss Model here....she was a trooper! It was about 48 degrees or 52 degrees....all I know is it was COLD. AND, you can't even tell!!! Her beautiful face and smile just lit up my camera :).

Nicole and Eric, so stoked to photograph their wedding. During their engagement session they automatically snuggled each other and kissed each other. LOVE when folks are this much in LOVE.

This silly little girl reminded  me of my daughter. She was so much fun, and such a beauty to photograph.  I love the shots I got of her, it just captures her personality at this age.

Oh Miss are a model dear. I just loved her style and I want to shop in her closet. For real.During her senior session we found this awesome VW we used it...and then the following week the image with her in front of it (below) was spotted by someone who knew the owner. I was then told by the owner I could use it any time. SCORE! :) Kadee, you rocked your session lady!