Frank + Robyn | A Wedding Story | Melissa DeWitt Photography NorthEastern Indiana Photographer

Oh Robyn, where do I begin? I have known you for quite some time now....when we both worked together and would entertain each other throughout the work day. You quickly became one of my most trustworthy friends.

Let me tell ya'll something....Robyn is one of those friends that even if you don't chat with them in a few weeks you can pick up right where ya left off. It is like we are family. She has such a kind giving heart that is on fire for Jesus. To top it off, this lady can cook like no other! I truly do look up to her.

When Robyn told me about Frank and how they met each other, my heart filled with joy that these two found each other. I am so honored to have been your witness and to capture these special moments between you both...even when ya'll made a pit stop to Mc Donalds! Your day was perfect. Here is to you both and your new beginning. Love you!!!