Harvey + Jamie | A Wedding Story | Melissa DeWitt Photography North Eastern Indiana Wedding Photographer

If you know me well, you know that I have this crazy love for vw buses. Last summer I actually finally purchased one and last weekend I photographed my bus's previous owner's wedding. I totally enjoy the people I meet and the places I get to go just because I have a camera and photograph people. I am so blessed to have this as my job.

Harvey and Jamie had a sweet little ceremony at a colorful garden. The couple met while Jaime was having a "girls night out" with a friend. Harvey and his friends decided to sit with Jamie and her friend. Harvey and his friends wouldn't leave them alone, they just kept on talking to them. When Jamie went to the bathroom Harvey told her friend to get him a date with Jamie. Her friend tried "getting rid of Harvey" by saying he was too young for her but he was so determined that when they said their goodbyes Harvey had it in his mind this wasn't the end. A few weeks passed and they ran into one another and learned they had a mutual friend. The two started hanging out and the rest is history.  Harvey always knew they would be in love and married....and guys, when he saw Jamie walk down the aisle he said to her (so the guests could here too), "you are so beautiful". It was the most sweetest moment ever.