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Believe it or not, I did not have a wedding photographer at my wedding. My husband and I could not afford the one we wanted so we had a friend of mine use my cheap camera to snap the basics. This was about 6 years ago, about a year before I began my professional photography journey. At that time, my camera was solely used to take images for freelance journalism work I was doing.

My husband and I on our wedding day almost 6 years ago.

My husband and I on our wedding day almost 6 years ago.

I was and still am so very grateful that my friend spent the day with us to snap the images we wanted. Such a kind thing to do and she gave us some amazing images we will cherish forever!  However, now that I am a photographer, I wish I would have hired a professional photographer to photograph our entire day.

Don’t get me wrong, I am happy with the images we did receive from my friend…but now, of course, my vision is a little different. I have learned so many things being a wedding photographer. Business applications and personal.  Photographing weddings has really influenced me to tell people why they should hire a professional…because I know personally, if someone sat me down and told me that in 6 years I would be wishing that I hired a pro photographer for my wedding and they gave me legit reasons….I am pretty sure I would have listened.

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Do not take any of this wrong, this isn’t meant to bash anyone but myself really, I should have hired a professional wedding photographer!  My reasoning’?

Right now, as I am writing this my kids are laying down on my bed resting and watching Curious George. The baby is napping, and because mama’s brain doesn’t rest I am writing this. My youngest daughter is picking her nose and my oldest daughter is almost asleep. That feeling, of seeing my children all peaceful and one picking their nose… it truly warms my heart. To capture that feeling and put it in an image would be a timeless warm memory. No one tells you how many of those warm memory moments you are going to have on your wedding day. In fact, no one tells you those things before you have kids either but as a mother it is almost instinct to capture or have someone else capture all that love in a photo so it can timelessly sit forever.

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Hiring a wedding photographer that was my style would have gave me timeless images on my wall, as art. Ones that told a story of two people who met in high school and later married. Again, our photos were wonderful…but I of course just had her snap the basic photos. There were so many things we do not have photos of!

As a wedding photographer…when I first arrive with the bride who is excitedly preparing for her day about to put on her carefully chosen wedding dress…..I want to capture every last bit of the nerves and excitement radiating from her. The emotion of her carefully chosen bridesmaids helping her put on the beautiful dress her soon to be husband will finally see for the very first time. It continues of course…soon I get to capture the personal and breathtaking images of the groom seeing his bride for the first time.  Then the confidence of the groom as he walks into the reception with his newly wed bride on his arm, announced with their last name as one. At last, I get to capture the release of nerves and celebrating and dancing. All those timeless moments that truly warm your heart is something you want to jam into an image, hang on your wall, and remember that very feeling just by looking at the image itself!

Gosh, I could go on and on about how much I love capturing all those mentioned emotions. While I am photographing a wedding I love knowing that in a few short weeks the bride will get to see how the whole day came together and how beautiful she looked just by looking at her images I captured. I love it. And, I want my bride and groom to have their story told.

Folks, I wish woulda had that, I’m not going to lie. So there it is…the thing that changed my perspective on if one should hire a photographer for their wedding. I experienced it, and now that I capture weddings for a living I feel differently. So, should you hire a professional photographer to photograph your wedding? Yes, you should…and you should choose one you don’t mind spending the whole day with AND whose art work will match your style and home...because the images will be hanging on your walls, after all.

Geeze, something as little as packing my gear up for the wedding I am shooting tomorrow sent me down memory lane thinking about my wedding and how I wish I had hired a professional photographer to capture our story exactly how my heart remembers it…so there you have it. My thoughts.

On a side note, if you made it through this blog :) I need your opinion. I have been thinking about writing up a blog FOR wedding photographers specifically. I am having a workshop soon on wedding photography and I would also like to write a quick blog with some tips/pointers for wedding photographers. So, my photo friends….what do you think? Would you like to see a blog on this topic?

Headed out to photograph a wedding tomorrow! Look for Kaci & Shane’s Wedding Story on the blog soon!