Jake & Stephanie | A Wedding Story | Columbia City, Indiana Wedding Photographer | Melissa DeWitt Photography

I have a lot to say about this couple...so be patient as I ramble for a moment.

For about almost 8(ish) years I have been photographing Jake's family. His mama, Robyn, invited me to stay with heir family in Monticello for the weekend waaaaaay back during my film camera days. Her family was the first family I ever photographed.

This was before I actually even began to consider photography as a professional career. Even though taking photos was a hobby at that time, the Ostheimer family valued what I did. Robyn has always supported and encouraged my photography business…needless to say Robyn and I have been close friends throughout those 8 years. She is such an awesome person and I am so happy our paths crossed. Friends like her are hard to come by.

But, let me tell you a bit about Jake. In the past I have listened to Jake tell me the story about how his first word as a baby was Jesus. I have listened to him chat with his grandma at night and ending the phone conversation with prayer. I have seen him pick up his guitar as a young teen and learn how to play. I have witness this young man turn into a man of God and inspire those around him. A few years ago Jake decided to travel to LA to attend the Dream Center. Taken from the Dream Center’s website this is what they do, “The Dream Center’s purpose is to reconnect isolated people to God and a community of support by providing human services that address immediate and long-term needs in the areas of homelessness, hunger, poverty, addiction, education, and human trafficking.” Pretty amazing, huh? Little did Jake know that Stephanie would be there , too. This is where Jake and Stephanie’s friendship flourished.

When listening to their vows, Stephanie spoke about the dreams she had as a little girl...dreams of a guy like Jake who played the guitar and loved God. She prayed for a man like him and when she first saw him in LA she said her heart literally skipped out of her chest. She knew he was the one. She began to pray for Jake. One of her bridesmaids said Stephanie decided to pray for Jake everyday for 30 minutes for 30 days. Folks, that is amazing. Before they were dating, before they were married….she devoted prayer to Jake. Hearing these words from a pure girl with a heart full of love for God and feeling each ounce of emotion in those words was more than beautiful. Seeing Jake look at his bride and hearing his vows to her….gosh, I have no words to explain to you how amazing it was. They both knew when they met that their day to take each other as husband and wife would come.

Something a bridesmaid said during her toast totally defined these two. She said their wedding wasn’t just about two people. It was about three. Jake, Stephanie, and God. That statement couldn’t have been more true with these two. They centered their relationship around God from the very beginning....and in the type of world we live in today that can be very hard for two young people to do.  Jake and Stephanie, you two are so awesome and so very perfect for one another. I am so happy to have been a part of your big day and to witness your beautiful beginning as husband and wife.

{Wedding and reception: Peabody Public Library Columbia City, Indiana}