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I am not perfect, nor do I ever try to be. I love imperfection and some of my favorite images are imperfect. I adore emotion in images, and to me, sometimes imperfect images display some of the deepest emotion possible.  Imperfections remind me of life, in general, because life as we know it is not perfect.

Let me be honest with you, newborn photography has not been my favorite genre to photograph. Snuggling fresh babies is always a bonus, of course, but the perfect posing and keeping the studio 80 degrees just felt so....forced. Please know I am talking about myself here, not newborn photography in general. Some of my good friends are flipping amazing studio newborn photographers and it is totally their thing. For me, it just isn't. I knew it and I tried to force it.

Last year I decided to mentor with Sarah-Beth Photography to see what I could do better when it came to newborns. Mentoring with Sarah made me realize many things. I realized she had a groove. She flowed so amazingly well with newborns it was just ridiculous. Pure ridiculous. It amazed me, I was in awe.

A few months after mentoring with Sarah, I had a epiphany. I don't have that flow. I totally feel "in the groove" with weddings and high school seniors...but with just wasn't there. I battled with this thought for a few more months. Do I keep on trying to do the "in studio posing babies" thing or just STOP photographing newborns all together? Well, I couldn't' fathom the thought of just stopping...I mean I LOVE capturing all that newness....SO I asked myself WHAT part of photographing newborns did I love..??  Well, I loved the unposed, simple, cuddly poses with mama and dad, and shots of the baby all wrapped up.  Light bulb went why can't I JUST offer that??? Um, hello, Mc Fly.

I decided I would start a new journey. Lifestyle Newborn Photography. Why didn't I think of this before?

Gosh, for real. I should have done this a long long time ago. I mean, when I first began photographing newborns some 6 years ago I DID go into the clients home but used MY set ups.  My official first lifestyle newborn session, a few weeks ago, made my heart go pitter patter. Let's be honest here, I was a complete nervous mess when announcing to my client upon booking that I was beginning to offer these new sessions IN THEIR HOMES instead of my studio. I was nervous to do something new.

Going into their home and capturing the comfort of "them", it FELT right. It felt so fresh and so much more me. I captured their little boys loving on their new baby brother while they were in their underwear (guys, it was the sweetest thing.).  Baby poo'ed on mama and she was able to change right then and there. It was amazing. It was wonderful. It is totally me and made my abstract imperfect creative mind so so sooo very happy. SO, that is my announcement. I am offering lifestyle newborn sessions now and I couldn't be more happy about this decision. In fact, I have one tomorrow!! But, for now...enjoy some images from the last one I photographed :)

Meet Baby J.