Mr & Mrs DeWitt | A Wedding Story | Indianapolis, IN Wedding Photographer

It was like photographing my own wedding...okay not really...but ironically I had the honor of photographing a Mr. & Mrs. DeWitt. Pretty nifty huh?

The couple's ceremony took place at Franklin Universtiy, which was gorgeous. I do wish, however, that the rain would have stayed the heck away...I really wanted to walk the campus and use some of the cool locations. Irregardless, Brian and Christina made the gloomy skies look like sunshine.

Christina wrote up a little somethin' about how these two first met:

"Brian and I were at a work conference in French Lick, Indiana for the IACT annual convention in October of 2012. I joked to my co-workers that the conference would be much more enjoyable if there were any single guys remotely close to my age. Little did I know that there was the ONE special guy for me that would be my future husband. We certainly had no idea that fate would put us in a hospitality suite together that night, and that we would find each other. That night was the fist page, of the first chapter in what will be the novel that is our lives; our "happily ever after." We were smitten with each other instantly and grew closer over the next year. On Oct 12th, a bright and beautiful fall day, Brian arranged for a ride in a small plane over Geist Resivour and our new home.  Later that night, we went to Ocean Prime for dinner and Brian proposed to me sometime after the cocktails and appetizers, and before the main course.  It was the perfect end to the perfect day, and the beginning of so much more. "

PS: My husband shot a Fusion Film at their wedding, cannot wait to share that with ya'll!

Second Shooter: Melissa Toma