Mr & Mrs Foster | A Wedding Story | Fort Wayne Indiana Wedding Photographer

I have known Nicole for quite a long time. In fact...when I first started my photography business she modeled for me on a few different occasions.  Ironically, one of the first times I photographed her it was rainy and if I remember correctly slushes of snow still lingered around WHICH couldn't have been more different from the hot sticky weather we had for their wedding day. It was about ninety degrees with full on sun during their ceremony. Even though everyone felt like melting, these two didn't mind the fact, their chemistry even made things more steamy.

Eric and Nicole met through mutual friends. Folks, these two are in love. I know wedding photographers say ALL the time "oh this couple was soooo in love"....but Eric and Nicole was a visual definition of what it is like to be one. I don't remember many times Eric left her side, or  when Nicole wasn't kissing Eric. It is so soooo amazing to see two people adore each other that much.

Their wedding was fun and second shooter and I never knew what would be next. For instance, Eric is a sheriff so we incorporated his car in an image but THEN we came across a shiny red fire engine that the bride hopped on.  Oh, and did I mention the bride accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge...IN HER WEDDING DRESS!!  What a perfect hot day to pour ice water all down your back and a perfect reason to get out of that hot 20 lb wedding dress....what a smart bride!!

Eric & Nicole, thank you both for having me photograph your special day! Enjoy your wedding blog! :)