My Children | A Lifestyle Session | Columbia City, Indiana | Melissa DeWitt Photography

I am sitting here typing out this blog wearing earphones listening to my Pandora station {Dave Matthew's Band is on playing "All Along the Watchtower"} thinking about how the tittle to their song is fitting to this blog .  All these moments I captured in this blog were here all along...and the only place I had them stored were in my mind.  I watch and spend time with  my kids every day, watching them blossom into unique individuals. Here I am with my big fancy camera not capturing a single one of them.

I wanted to capture everything as I knew it. My kids, not in fancy dresses and their hair not done up….but yet in the clothes they have chosen for them selves that day as mismatched as it might be. I wanted the messy beauty that occurs in my home day to day. I left all the fuss in the corners and cobwebs on the walls because it adds character. My favorite blanket not folded on the rocking chair would show that I didn’t use the blanket or sit in it every time I nurse my 8 month old. I wanted my home to look used and lived in. I wanted our character to speak into the emotions these images captured. My children, Abrem, Selah, and Gracie are my heart. They make me smile, they make me cry, they make me feel all sorts of darn emotions I have never felt before. My husband and I, I love what we have created. This home, this family….this life.

Our life.

Little Miss Gracie wanting me to come into her room and photograph her pretending to wake up all over again. My five year old going on thirteen was a tiny bit upset I didn't get her waking up like I did Abe. I love her crazy outburst…makes me feel normal.

In the mean time, my sweet baby girl Selah Jain was out in the livingroom making a fort. However, she had told me her arms are playing hide and seek. She can multitask like no other. I love this little ray of sunshine. Her energy level has mine beat at all times.

At diaper changing time, Abe becomes a beast. No, really. A crazy strong beast baby who wiggles so much that  you are practically just happy if you get the diaper on even if it's backwards.  Always on the go. And that is not an understatement.

Every morning, they only ask about 135146432321.2 times what we are having for breakfast. Each time I answer with something absurd like ladybugs or cat food or cat poop, even. They of course think it is hilarious. Perhaps this is why the ask 135146432321.2 times….?

This drink is like eating a crazy amount of carrots, beets, spinach…way more than I could consume in a day. This natural healthy drink is the I don’t know where my energy level would be without it. Let’s not think about that.

Diffusing Joy and Grapefruit essential oils from Young Living are two of my favs. Just the other day I diffused them both and then asked the girls to help put away their laundry. The moment was magical. They helped without complaining. No joke.

We homeschool. And don’t worry, my kids are social butterflies.

School and chores are done….dance party time.

Where’d Selah go? This is a typical question in our house.

Look at that big fat pile of laundry. Doesn’t that look glorious? Ha.

I have a friend who enjoys doing laundry and I think she is nuts. :)

When Daddy is home it’s time to wind down, thank goodness. We chat, we snuggle, we eat dinner together, we aren’t perfect so sometimes we argue, but really what happens is a whole lot of talking…..we talk then talk some more and more and then more… < our girls love to talk. Like, a lot.I should record their little talkings because one day their voices won’t be so itty bitty tiny and those silly words they make up will no longer be in their vocabularies.

I am so thankful for this family of mine, I have so much to be thankful for. Be thankful. Two powerful words, really. We don’t realize how much we have to be thankful for.

Take time right now, just think about it. What are you thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving, mwah.