Selah turns 4 | Melissa DeWitt Photography | Columbia City, IN Childrens Photographer

My youngest daughter turns four in about three hours... shortly after 1am. Selah's pregnancy was the easiest out of my three kids, physically and emotionally. Her Birth was just as wonderful. With Selah my husband and I decided to have her at home and I am so happy this is what we decided. It was so personal, it was so intimate, and I personally (I know this is all subjective) felt like I could enjoy the beauty of giving birth just a bit more. The whole experience was fitting to her sparkling personality. Selah has one of the sweetest souls, ever.


Selah was born in her "caul" (her sack). Some people call these babies a "caul baby" or" being born with a veil". "In medieval times the appearance of a caul on a newborn baby was seen as a sign of good luck. It was considered an omen that the child was destined for greatness."  I do believe, Selah Jain, you are destined for something great.

One of the most extraordinary unexplainable moments I have ever witnessed was when my husband held our children for the first time. To see him beam and his child was incredible.

Selah has always had these amazing glowing blue eyes.....

Such a happy content and so full of joy. Selah was and still is quite ornery. She learned how to walk and climb very quickly and always tried so hard to do everything on her own. Almost 99.9% of the time there is a smile on this girl's face...she has such a sensitive heart when she gets in trouble...but her big blue gorgeous eyes make you scoop her right up for a snuggle.

Selah has always been so free spirited. She always sees such beauty in everything...she truly loves everything. She loves the moon and how it always follows her, she loves the "rainbow trees" during Fall, she loves to run, she love to hide, she loves to eat, she loves to help, she loves hugs, she loves kisses, she loves puzzles, she loves singing Frozen songs 134654321354 times a day, and most of all she loves her family so much. She has a huge heart.

When Selah was just a baby, we started calling her Lolly. Not sure why or how that came about...but she quickly was given the nick name, Lolly Pop. My little Lolly Pop.

This image is so Selah. Free, fun, happy, and silly. Totally her. Totally.

Selah truly loves love.

I have always called her my flower child. Her carefree personality makes me slow my life down a bit to enjoy every moment one by one....because that is exactly what my little Selah does.

When she smiles, she has rainbow eyes.

And, now you are FOUR. My sweet silly Selah Jain. You are a contagious fireball of energy that brightens my life. You truly are my little sunshine. I love you, Selah, to the moon and back over and over again. Happy Birthday, my little Lolly Pop.