Some things aren't THAT important.

This blog is a bit different than most blogs I write, maybe a little more personal. BUT I am a person and this subject is consuming my thoughts, so what better way than to share with ya'll.  Be prepared to take a little journey through my crazy thought process....

Where do I start? I think that by just being a human being we all can relate to the pure fact that life can be rather crazy at times. Not just "crazy" but extremely off the flipping wall why are these things happening to me sort of crazy.  We make plans, expect certain outcomes, and try to be what we think we should be. We try to be perfect in our own eyes, setting goals and expectations for ourselves which also sets expectations for those around us, whether we admit it or not.

 Every Wednesday morning I meet with a great small group of friends for a Bible study. I leave Wednesday mornings feeling a little less crazy and a bit more normal. Each of us women have children, and husbands, and our own duties to ourselves and families.  It is so very eye opening to chat with other women to find that we have a lot of similar crazy days. We are indeed normal after all! :)

I know this can be rather subjective, but it makes sense to me. Life would be so much easier if I could just stop making it so difficult. I know we all do this, it is just what we do as a person. BUT WHY DO WE tend to make things so much more difficult? Can life really be that easy? For instance, why do I feel the need to better myself at everything? Can't I just appreciate where I am for at least a millisecond of a moment? Do I always have to hurry? DO I really NEED to schedule this or that? NOPE, I don't. But I do.

I make things way more difficult than they have to be, more frequently than I should.


Owning a small business has put life into perspective in many different ways. I have to know what is most near and dear to my heart and organize my needs that way. IF not, things get out of control.  For instance, in my young photography days I was so enthusiastic to photograph everything and everyone. I got so caught up in taking photos of EVERYTHING that the editing time cut in to my family time. THAT was a problem. < It is things like that I am talking about. WHAT IS REALLY IMPORTANT? WHY AM I A PHOTOGRAPHER? Am I listening to my heart? Do I need all the presets out there and all the best actions? DO I REALLY NEED the things I THINK I do????

I am patting myself on the back for a moment because after two years of trying to make my job as a photographer easier, I have. I started to specialize more in only photographing what I love and I learned how to say no. I only book so many appointments a week and edit only certain times of the day. I have stopped trying to compete with others and instead focused on making friendships and helping other photographers.  I treat my photography business like a REAL business because IT IS. I have a tax ID number,  pay taxes, and fees and bla bla bla. I am a real business and I HAD TO and HAVE TO CONTINUE TO TREAT IT LIKE ONE. I was making things difficult because I thought they had to be a certain way....but I never stopped for a second to think about what was REALLY important. My way was really no way at all. It made me unhappy and that is a place I did not want to be.

The  moral of this? Learning what I have during these five years I have had this business, I am starting to realize I need to tell myself to apply what I have learned these past five years to my personal life. I have told myself in my art that imperfection can be beautiful and that I will grow at my own pace. Once I learned to slow down and appreciate my art and my business for what it was... my job became a lot more enjoyable.

I CAN treat my life the same way. Slow down. Enjoy more moments, whatever they may be. Do what I love more often. Quit thinking I can't when I can. Love more often. Share more. Hug more. Be okay with my house being a mess. Understand better. Learn something new more often. Be a kid with my kids. Sleep more. Take more bubble baths.  I might have to walk around with blinders on to stay focused on what is really important in life, but dang it, I need to do it. We all do. Focusing on the hustle and bustle can put so many THINGS out of perspective.

Think about it...what is REALLY important? Think about who you are effecting by acting on your own wants.  Because in the end, what is meant to be will be....and I really don't want to be exhausted trying to just "be" and then trying MORE to keep "being", whatever that may be.

So for those of you whom are parents, moms, wives, husbands, care takers, business owners, photographers, students, OR WHATEVER role you have in life.....I challenge you to take a moment and think about, "what is REALLY important?". Because, reality might just be something you really don't take enough time to think about or do.

PS: And it is okay to comment on this blog post, in fact, I want you to.... or else I may just feel like a complete lunatic :)