Photography is my art, which is funny because I always thought I wasn't good at art. As a child and into my teenage years, I appreciated abstract art and loved looking at it while trying to figure out what the artist was thinking while creating the masterpiece. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I could create a masterpiece full of emotion and life.

I am a true mom-tographer. After having our first daughter my husband and I decided I should stay at home and raise her and our children to come.  I had just graduated with a degree in communications/ marketing/ journalism and wanted to work at some big Public Relations firm in some awesome city. But my husband was right, I needed to stay at home with our children {Wait, did I just admit my husband was right?}. In 2008, I purchased my first camera, a Nikon D40 and began taking images of my baby and her growth into toddler-hood.  I had no idea what I was doing but truly enjoyed capturing the essence of my daughter and her growth. It was something about freezing that moment in time that stuck in my heart. I kept at it, took online courses and practiced practiced practiced.

Suddenly my friend's  mother who had a daughter who knows a dog groomer that had a daughter who was getting married was contacting me. Okay that was totally made up, but suddenly out of no where people began to contact me to photograph a memory for them. I was amazed that folks wanted ME to capture THEM. Like I said, I never thought I could "be good at art", but what I didn't know is that creating it with a camera was something that would fulfill the creative void my heart was needing.  In 2010, one year after my daughter was born, I was blessed with an official LLC business and am now a fully insured professional lifestyle photographer. 

I have since realized I have an ever growing extreme passion for documenting the stages of life and all the amazing emotion within."Art" is subjective. I learned "art" in school, but never knew it could and would look like the imaginative world in my mind coming alive in a moment captured for a lifetime. Each moment, each masterpiece is different with each session. The uniqueness that encapsulates each image speaks inspiration in continuing to create art just as I know it, and just as I see it.

Meet my family! Gracie, me, my husband holding our baby boy Abe, Hayden, and Selah. Photo creds Sarah-Beth Photography.

Meet my family! Gracie, me, my husband holding our baby boy Abe, Hayden, and Selah. Photo creds Sarah-Beth Photography.

About me? Well, I am just a normal person. My house is sometimes messy {but I swear it is the kids' doing}, my suv has piles of toys, shoes, and other objects floating around it in... I could practically have a garage sale straight out of my van at any given time and make a killing out of it.

I love my husband to pieces {I met him when I was 14!} He is my rock and the person who brings me back down to Earth when I become overwhelmed by the chaos of this world.

Our new studio was finished Jan/Feb of 2013, until then I worked out of my sun porch for 3 years. Yes, an itty bitty tiny sun porch.  True Story. Take a virtual tour of my studio here!

My son, Abrem, and I. Photo Cred Sarah-Beth Photography

My son, Abrem, and I. Photo Cred Sarah-Beth Photography

Fun Facts About ME!

I love Jesus. No question about that.

I only write with my right hand, mostly everything else I do is with my left.

I love salt and vinegar chips and baby carrots.

I only ever drink water, or of course a vanilla latte. Oh, and Starbucks green team lemonade is the best ever...mmmh mmmh.

I love to bake. Pies. Cookies...anything fattening. And then eat it all. 

I have two beautiful daughters, a sweet baby boy,  a wonderful step-son, and a gorgeous husband who supports me and my crazy desires/ideas.

I never went to college for photography, my degree is in something else. To some people that matters, but to me photography is more than a degree. It requires a connection with the people you are photographing and the ability to capture the emotion and essence of what is happening at that very moment. It is more than pushing a button.

I love the changing seasons and embrace the different colors and light in each season. I go gaga over light...

I love laughing.

I love lemons.

I love baby kisses. I am guilty of sniffing baby's heads.

I want to travel.

I always wanted to own a vw bus and FINALLY purchased one last year.

I think in my last life (if that even happens) I was a hippie.

I love when an image takes my breath away.

I go mostly barefoot in my studio. Yes, even during appointments.

I wish I could paint. Even just walls. I always get paint every where!

I love old furniture but still sturdy enough to hold me.

I want to move to Italy and own a vineyard. Yes, I am a wine-o.

I am currently obsessed with sanding things to make them look old and characterized.

AE Photography

AE Photography