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Newborns are best photographed within the first 2 weeks after birth. The sooner the better, but of course I want you to be comfortable and able to bring the baby in.  Within the first two weeks the newborn is sleepy and easy to pose, which is why we shoot for that time frame. I have special techniques I use to put the baby to sleep and use white noise in the background to sooth the baby.


You are more than welcome to bring any "prop" that was a gift or that was your grandparents or perhaps just laying around the house.  Past clients have brought things like dresser drawers, blankets, stuffed animals, baskets, neat boxes, suit cases...the sky is the limit!  However, do not feel obligated to bring anything! I have a mass amount of props that are taking over my studio little by little!!


I keep my studio warm so the baby (usually naked for the photos) stays warm. The warmer it is the sleepier the baby is, which allows me to keep the baby asleep and pose the baby in all those cute wonderful poses. Therefore, wear layers or something cool and comfortable just in case you get too warm.

I sanitize everything and wash all the blankets/wraps/diaper covers/ faux fur that I use for newborns after each session. To spot sanitize I spray some thing like Lysol on the props/drops used, except it's not Lysol. The stuff I use can literally put out a fire safely and if you drink it it would not hurt you. I use ALL Shaklee products to sanitize/clean my studio. I use the "Get Clean Basic H" for spot wiping/clean ups/cleaning my windows and chairs. For a deeper sanitizing I use the "Germ OFF Fragrance Fee wipes" and the same solution on the wipes but as a spray (Basic G).  For washing blankets or any cloth items used after newborn or any session where something yucky got on cloth, I use the "Fresh Laundry Fragrance Free"  and for those tough spots like mud or baby poop I use "Nature Bright" .  All these wonderful all natural and nontoxic products will not hurt your babies skin and take care of 99.9 percent of germs. And like I said, after each session my studio gets the germ free spray down. Yes, afraid....


I have hired two awesome ladies to assist me during newborn shoots. One of the two will be present during your session. My assistant is to stay near the baby at all times after I pose the baby, their eyes never leave the baby. That way if for some reason the baby moves or needs soothed, my lovely assistant is right next to the baby so I can keep my camera focused on them and can get the best images possible. For example, below is a photo of where my assistant comes in handy. They support the baby's head (because no newborn can safely and comfortably do the "chin pose") as I snap the photo and then I splice the photos and edit them together to create the final image.


Team work! Here is a little info about my wonderful assistants:

Shayla Hart

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HI! I am Shayla Hart, 23, mother of 1 little boy, Koda (almost 2 yrs). I work as a Registered Nurse for Parkview in Labor & Delivery.

Babies. They are the most precious gifts from God! I could watch a baby sleep all day, its so peaceful and precious! I have such a passion for babies which is why I am a nurse in Labor & Delivery. I love being a part of their "Birthday party". Every birth story is so unique in itself just like every is truly amazing!

Favorite food...well, I have to many "favorites" so anything Itanlian or Mexican! I enjoy playing with my son and watching him learn and grow everyday, spending time with my family and friends, and photography.

Christa Miller

I am Christa Miller, my husband and I have been married almost 8 years and have 3 children by birth and adoption. I am a stay at home and am homeschooling my oldest son this year.


I have LOVED babies since I was a young child myself, playing baby dolls was always my favorite thing. Now as a mommy myself, I am always reminded of how precious life is, and that every child is a blessing and to treasure every moment. I think I would have to say Asian food is my favorite, but I really like pretty much everything. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my hubby and kiddos. When I have a moment to myself I enjoying sewing.

Please let me know if you have any questions about your newborn's session! You can contact me through this site or through facebook. :)