The Oily 'Tog Blog: Cleaning with Essential Oils

Yes, I clean with my oils. It isn't a secret. I use my oils for literally everything I would use a chemical for. Literally.

For those of you in my downline, Katie Gilbert (a gal in our downline) will be sharing her passion and educating us on how she uses the oils to clean her home! This will take place THIS Saturday the 21st @ 10:30am, location Star Financial Bank down town Columbia City. Following the "Cleaning with Oils Class" will be an educational class for new members or folks who want to know more about Young Living Essential oils and how to use them. The Oil 101 Class for guests begins at Noon, same location. More info here.

Here is a short video on how I used my Lemon and Citrus Fresh oils to clean my yucky dirty toaster oven. Two ladies in my downline, along with myself, will be sharing short clips on how we use our oils through out the day.  So, consider this a little teaser until the other videos are posted!

a very blurry before picture...I can't use my cell phone camera...but a big fancy camera, yes. Makes sense, I know.


A few other things: Recently I have had a desire to educate my downline members with monthly educational classes. Please know that when I share my testimonies, or whatever I may share, I am sharing because I don't want to keep my successes and failures hidden as an oiler and business woman. I have a desire to help others, even if that means you are learning from my mistakes. Please take what I say and know that it might not work or be the same for you. I have so much to learn from my downline members, ya'll are pretty awesome.  It is not about me being right or anyone being is about supporting one another and taking what you learn and applying it in the best possible way that works for you!

Disclaimer: Now, remember, I am not treating or diagnosing ANYONE, simply sharing how I use my oils. My statements are not FDA approved. Mkay?