Simply Me Lightroom Presets

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Simply Me Lightroom Presets


Warm, matte, shadowy presets great for a dramatic fashionable look. Great to use with backlit images and images with spring/summer/fall colors,  Compatible with LR 4 & 5.

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MDP Simply Me Preset Collection

{Please see below for a detailed list on what the collection consists of) 

Simply Me Collection is compatible with LR 4 & 5. Due to the digital nature of this product there are NO refunds! 

Once purchased, you will receive a digital download on how to add the presets to your Lightroom Preset Folder.  Upon purchase, you will also receive a link to where you may download the presets to your computer.. View examples of all 20 presets here:

20 Presets total

Pinch of Matte

Bright and Sunny


Dramatic BW

Dreamy Matte BW

Moody BW

In a mood

Golden light

In Another Mood

Matte the contrast

Just Perfect

Light Leaky Left

Light Leaky Right

Deep warm hue matte

Sunny Matte


Hot Hazy Pop

Simple cool cat

Simple warm me up

Creamy buttery light