Custom photography is all about YOUR choice. YOU get to choose a photographer based upon who you are and what you are about. The art you will be hanging on your wall is ultimately the result of your photographer's vision.


As a custom photographer, Melissa's style is laid back, fashion oriented with a touch of whimsy. She loves color, soft light but yet moody, and shadow! Custom Photography is all about the experience Melissa DeWitt Photography will create for you and the one on one attention Melissa gives to each individual's session so you walk away with images that scream YOU.

With Melissa DeWitt Photography's Custom Photography experience, you take an active role in aiding in the creation of your art which requires a level of commitment from you, an investment in time and money, and a larger time commitment from the photographer.  With custom art created by MDP, you are investing in luxury products and services, such as gallery wraps, print wraps, custom high end albums, boutique packaging, and a choice of our studio or an outdoor location.

All clients receive a consultation before their appointment, a custom photo session shaped around your personality and MDP'S vision, an in house viewing of finished images (proofing session), and an array of high end products to choose from.  Melissa DeWitt Photography looks forward to spending time with you to create art that expresses nothing but your precious moments, truly a masterpiece you will cherish forever.


Melissa's Art has been featured on the following blogs or websites: Evoking You, Senior Photography - on Evoking You, KML Creatives, Confessions of Prop Junkie (twice)The Poppy Cat, and Anchors aWed

(For more details about custom photography visit: Marianne Drenthe of Marmalade Photography).